Both of them seemed brainwashed, and believed this was the only way to helpMeagan.

I know that he supported the idea of Meagan going away and if he supported it, my mother supported it as well.

I will never forget this time in my life because it was one of the most painful experiences my family has endured, especially Meagan.

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My name is Meagan Porpora and I am 25 years old now. I didn't know anything about the place or the religion. If I only knew the hell I was in for, I would have never agreed to it.

When I was 17 years old, I agreed to go to the Mace Kingsley Ranch under false pretenses. My mother was dating a man who was into Scientology. Ever since my father passed away in 1990 my mother has changed. I arrived at the airport in New Mexico to find a man named Matt waiting for me.

That is why I was shocked and surprised when my mother sat me down and told me she was sending Meg away to a ranch in New Mexico. Why would my mother send my sister, who is from New York, to some stupid ranch in New Mexico?

Unfortunately she was not joking at all and even though we pleaded and begged her not to do this, she was determined.

I was woken up at am to a man in army attire screaming "reverly" over and over. A typical day at the ranch went like this: 8 am- breakfast, am-muster (a daily meeting where we went over the activities of the day), 9-12pm was "school".

I later found out his name was Wren, and he was in charge of us. Then we went down to the "lower ranch", where the boys slept. We all had to pile into this beat up pick up truck and they even made us sing songs about the ranch. School was not normal subjects like math or English. They gave us books to read about Scientology and called them courses.We had many different things we did, like digging a huge ditch or carrying heavy logs for firewood, and dinner and KP. We weren't allowed phone calls except on Saturday, and only family. When he asked if he could take me to lunch, they made someone from the ranch staff come along, as a chaperone. There was Jesus who was in charge of the whole place. Wren, Hugo, Matt and Megan were some of the other staffers.The girls would go up to upper ranch at around 9pm. Some of the kids' names were Charis, Maren, Dina, Brooke, Rigel, and James.She would tell me the sick stories of what these people made her do.This place was not supposed to be a jail -- it was supposed to be a rehabilitating place for kids with depression problems, or kids that just were not doing too well in their situations at home.We weren't allowed to have any pc (personal contact) with the opposite sex.