"This mimics the setup of Monopoly, but it's meant to get things going between couples."Start with the pink cards to ask your partner questions, or ask them to reminisce about a past sexual encounter.

Then move onto the purple cards and the red cards for steamy sexual favors.

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“It's definitely for people who aren’t afraid to share their ‘sex secrets’ and understand that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to sex,” says Morse.

"Monogamy ($39.97 on Amazon, buy it here) is the ideal board game for the bored couple in a classic sex rut," says Morse.

Basic poker is fun, and strip poker is even better.

But why not spice things up with Love Poker, a card game that uses the rules of poker with a sexy twist?

"The best part is that players can start slow and work their way towards hot sex (just like the real thing)," Morse says.

This one’s definitely a bit more old-school and requires a fair amount of time if you play by the rules, but don’t worry — there are also short cuts if you’re looking for a “quickie.” Sex Dice (like this pair on Amazon for .98) are great because they're portable and you can use them anywhere.

Here’s how it works: players pick cards that prompt them to ask each other questions like, "Have you ever had sex with a person on the same day you met them?

" Each time someone answers "yes," you cross off a square on your "f'board"; whoever gets five crossed-off squares first wins.

"It is the perfect "home assignment" for couples seeking to be closer in mind, body and spirit." And at the end of the day, who doesn't want that?