Southern men do like to hunt and fish of course, but I dont mind tagging along to fish.

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I don't get how there can be a "lack of men" in the only megalopolis in the country yet areas such as the rust belt, flyover country, and the west coast are complete sausagefests. I really have little or no idea of how Northern men interact with, or react to, women who venture into northern pubs, bars, or clubs, I'm rarely seen north of Highgate, (probably the most northern district in London).

It's fairly obvious that as this Forum is predominantly a U. one, the discussion in this thread concerns guys from say, VA, south to FL, and across to TX, LA, and inc AL, TN, MS, GA, and perhaps Southern KY, and their differences with Northern guys from OH, PA, NJ, all the way North to ME. We southerners, and here I guess I'm blowing my own trumpet, are pretty good at what the Amish would call gentle persuasion, hitting oh so gently on women, that they still don't realise that they've been hit on, even while they're keying their number into the guy's cell.

Most of these women are broke, or have poor savings, loads of debt from college.

Most decent good men will date them, but these women wont accept their terms, until when its time to really settle down.

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Of course, I'm married now, and as a southern gentleman, I wouldn't dream of doing anything that my wife would frown on.

But in the late eighties, in New York City or Philly, I'd ask for a double Stoly, rocks, no twist, and women would come up and say, "Oh, say something else, I just luuurve your accent." God bless America.

No Yankee men have names like Joey, Will, and Bill.

Southern mothers debate names for children starting at around 12.

A woman can go west of the Mississippi (think Denver, San Diego, parts of TX etc) and find lots of quality men that WANT to get married while also finding men just for sex.