They are manufactured with state of the art techniques with dedication to quality, which leads to outstanding reliability.Choose NGK Glow Plugs, and ignite with ease on a frosty start.However, the spark plug is only as good as the wire that leads the electricity to its electrodes.

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Each set is tailored to the correct lead length and thickness in 5, 7or 8mm variants, for the exact make and model specified.

NGK Ignition Coils From the world leader in Spark Plug and Ignition Lead technology comes a premium range of quality Ignition Coils.

They are manufactured with advanced insulating material, and have exceptional long-life durability.

NGK Ignition Leads are packaged in sets, and include the coil-to-distributor when applicable.

NGK spark plugs are original equipment on many outboard motors and are excellent replacements for everyday engine maintenance.

You all know what spark plugs are, and you all know about replacing spark plugs and the issues related with these little components.As such, you need to invest in a good spark plug lead.Now consider this, the electricity passing through the lead, combined with the spark plug connection will create extreme heat and electromagnetic pressures along the lead.With our dedication to quality, outstanding reliability and state of the art manufacturing techniques, you can rely on NGK Spark Plugs. Glow Plugs NGK Glow Plugs are at the forefront of technological innovations.Our glow plugs maintain optimum starting capabilities and offer an excellent post-glow function, promoting clean combustion and lower toxic emissions.It is used for monitoring the optimal operating point as well as for potential protection of temperature overload of the relevant components, thus making it an important component for the reduction of unnecessary harmful emissions from vehicles.