At 95 Schofield was the oldest attendant of the event—the age limit was originally 85.

Seniors attended what is thought to be the first speed dating event for the 60 plus community in Dover last Thursday.

Chatter and laughter filled a banquet hall at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover as a pianist played romantic tunes in the corner of the room.

In the indie film, “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” Blythe Danner’s character Carol is dragged along to her community center’s speed dating event after being widowed 20 years.

For Carol, the event was less than successful as she felt uncomfortable talking to strangers, and became overwhelmed by a man who stresses that sex is still a must for him.

When the Modern Maturity Center screened “Age of Love” more than 200 people attended, said Carolyn Fredericks, president and CEO of the center.

She said senior speed dating is an unmet need, because there are seniors who want to stay active and have a social life, but they don’t know where to start.Fifteen men and 15 women were chosen, and the rest will be selected for future speed dating events.According to applications filled out prior to the event, most singles meet potential partners through friends. Case said she wants to meet someone to go to church with, go out to dinner and to the movies with—and have a date for New Year’s Eve.“I thought this would be a good idea if I found somebody in as good shape as me, we get together, and we could go travelling in my car to look these places over,” he said.“I think at my age I’m not looking for a big wedding.Joan Case sat at the end of the hall waiting for her next date.