You may choose to use them simply for tracking internal game data - so that, for instance, you can grant an achievement based on multi-session game play statistics collected from the user across multiple computers.

It requires having 10 male and 10 female employees with 10.0 work evaluation (it's the highest one possible). To unlock this achievement you must own 5 large garages (those with 5 places for drivers) with 100% productivity at the same time.

The higher the level of your drivers, the easier it is to gain this achievement.

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To unlock this achievement you must complete a delivery for a job that is at least 1000 km (it can be more) while avoiding touching other cars and driving carefully to not damage your cargo (even 1%).

You must avoid traffic offenses as well - so don't drive too fast, maybe turn the speed limiter on.

If it's longer than 550 km take it and complete it.

IMPORTANT: you must complete the task with less than 30 minutes remaining.

In this part of the guide, you will learn how to unlock them all.

If all of that is done, go to the "Truck dealers" tab in menu, select any salon you want, click the "buy online" button, select any truck, press the buy button and select the garage you want your new truck in. Go back to the menu, select the company manager and then choose the garage manager.

If you fail at one of those requirements during, for example, your fourth delivery, then you will have to start over from the beginning.