members, this ritualistic work occurs after initiation into Pronaos which includes an oath of secrecy.

The point is, a sorority and a job interview are completely different. Yes, a company looks at appearance as well as ability, but a GLO shouldn't be concerned with appearance and professionalism nearly as much as a big corporation with a public image to protect. With a sorority, if you keep those same priorities, what do you have?

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And I know so many frat boys that are phony and don't give a *** about the brotherhood at all.

Please go find somewhere else to be a pest - you have heard all you "need" to know here. ------------------ "Alpha Chi Omega - If you only had 2 wishes, what would your second one be?

A, the means whereby higher consciousness, illumination and enlightenment may be gained include both theory and practice. The purposes for the Study Groups include (1) developing fraternal Love and Harmony, (2) developing higher consciousness, (3) incorporating the principles of Ageless Wisdom in everyday life, (4) learning to enjoy together the operation of the One Will (the will of God), and (5) providing an open door to the Mysteries to all who genuinely seek them.

It is “written by God upon the face of nature” These groups are open to all and afford an opportunity to interact with those who share a common spiritual teaching and practice. Its aim is to impress symbolism more effectively upon the aspirants' psyches through dramatic enactment, bringing the static images of the B.

Therefore, becoming a part of a sorority (especially one that is incorporated) is very much like going on a job interview.

In that case, the women will have to dress as if they are applying for a job.And by the way, just because someone uses the word '****' or '***', doesn't mean that, a.) they are trying to insult you b.) they are a bad person c.) their views should be ignored.You may not like those words, but ***damn, that's the beauty of free speech. No, it's not some ****** non-social fraternity, like the "band fraternity," or the "fraternity for management majors" or the "fraternity for married and/or divorced people" or the "fraternity for people with a cat" or the "fraternity for people who learned to tie their shoes before age 7." It's a national, social, collegiate fraternity.Those two things have nothing to do with each other. No, I don't post rituals because I didn't get bids at those houses. No, I don't give a **** about everyone else's ritual.I can look for hardworking brothers, and at the same time, point out that you are trying to vainly relive your glory days vicariously through undergraduates. [This message has been edited by Pnguin Trax (edited October 04, 2000).] Why must people be so nasty? Joenobody you have been rude but then you wonder why people have a negative reaction to you.Joe, I don't know what kind of fraternity you're in but in MY sorority, we treat our process like business.