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Members of Eight at Eight meet in groups for an evening of friendly conversation, good food, and the chance to increase their circle of friends over dinner.

The Club members are brought together based on age, mutual interest and backgrounds.

Then its simple, you attend the dinner, meet new people, enjoy some great food and beverages and generally have a fantastic time. Our small group settings are extremely popular and ensure you get to know everyone's name and more.. As we grow we will announce a table of eight dinners for ladies only, couples (4 couples), professionals and we will also add business networking dinners and lunches. ACCESS OF THIS SITE BY YOU SHALL BE DEEMED TO BE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS (

We will also add new locations as the demand grows.

Four men and Four women meet for friendly conversation, dinner, and the chance to increase their circle of friends. Each dinner party takes on a life of its own and the net result is always a great evening out.

The idea is simple - Four Single Men and Four Single Women meet for dinner at eight o'clock.

Want to meet new people or maybe find that special someone in your area?