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Here, at Simply Tailgating, we do all the research for you, so all you have to do is sit back, read our reviews and make a decision on which grill suits you best.

That’s exactly what we’ve done in this Cuisinart CGG-888 360° Cooking Center review.

If I was to spend my hard-earned cheddar on a grill, for example, I would do my research first.

You probably feel the same way and that’s why you’re going through a couple of Cuisinart CGG-888 360° Cooking Center reviews to determine if this grill is the right fit for you.

They manufacture and sell ice cream makers, microwaves, kitchen tools and portable grills, including the doesn’t come pre-seasoned, so you may want to buy extra seasoning oil along with the grill.

Either way, to clean it, here’s what you do: Interior Cleaning Before you season the griddle, clean the surface with mild soap and warm water, rinse and let it dry off.

In my experience, canola oil, peanut oil or even flaxseed work best but you can also use spray-can vegetable oil too.

The lid should provide additional protection to the griddle.

The manufacturer recommends applying two or three coats of oil with a bristle brush or paper towel.

Exterior Cleaning The exterior of the grill is made of blackened stainless steel. Thoroughly scrape off oil drips or dirt, then give it a good rinse and let it dry. Storage Before storing away the grill, season the griddle nicely.

All packages include a map sent to you with your highlighted location.