Proper Thai ladies usually have a good job and their own money.

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These are the Thai women you want to meet if you are looking for a relationship with a Thai woman. You’ve probably read stories of foreign men being ripped off by Thai ladies.

On the other hand, relationships with Thai Bar Girls is a different story. In 99% of those cases the relationship involved a foreign man and a Thai Bar Girl Prostitute.

These are the general concerns when a Thai Girlfriend Investigation is requested.

Proper Thai ladies (those who aren’t prostitutes or scammers) are much less to worry about.

Proper Thai ladies are a much better choice for a relationship.

They bring something to the table and have manners and intelligence.A lot of foreign men are scammed by women using these dating sites.I’ve had cases where a foreign man met a girl on a Thai Dating Site and sent her thousands of dollars without ever meeting her.Most men who contact Siam Spy are looking for a Thai Girlfriend Investigation because they are worried about strange happenings with their Thai Girlfriend.For example, phone turned off, loud music in the background, other men’s voices heard on the phone.A proper Thai lady isn’t going to tell you stories like Buffalo broke leg, Papa sick in hospital.