The new coaches Hee Beom, Diana and Bianca are full of energy and knowledge.

For reasons of preservation and quality of the visit the number of daily tickets to the Alhambra is limited.

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The point of the exercise is for participant to enlist their senses of smell, touch, and sound as the basis for choosing their preference.

The experiment starts from a top secret location where both the men and women will first be blindfolded.

This time must be strictly respected, otherwise you lose the right of access to them without appropriate refund of the price paid.

Joined because I wanted to get in better shape and increase my strength and endurance. With what little time I can devote to my health, Johnny and his staff have changed my life for the better.

It is up to you to determine if the person sitting across from you is a potential date, or a potential narc. Grand prize for dater voted “Most Likely To Be A Narc Without Actually Being A Narc”.

Enjoy dating advice from Molly Peckler, dating guru of Highly Devoted dating, and walk away with a swag bag full of 420-friendly items. Who knows, you might even meet your match at Serial Killer Speed Dating: “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” Edition.All participants are observed and are studied by Scientist for Love.After the experiment ends, all participants are brought to a bar to mingle and await results of their unorthodox speed dating experiment.You went from being brand new to any sort of training like this to being the top athlete in our gym in less than 1 year.The class sizes are small so you are able to receive individualized attention and assistance from the coaches.Speed dating has been turned on its head with a new sense-inducing experiment.