If you haven’t already found love by the time you become a truck driver, it may be hard to ever find it.

Last year, we talked about some of the perks of online dating for truckers and a lot of our readers’ comments demonstrated just how hard it is to find a good relationships when you’re on the road. Why is it that, in the trucking industry, the same people that are able to keep the entire country going are not able to keep their relationships going, or have trouble finding a partner at all?

They are responsible for safely transporting thousands of pounds of goods, which is demanding enough.

Relationships are hard for anyone, but especially a trucker.

If you are thinking about dating a trucker, there are some factors you want to consider. Long-haul truckers are on the road for days or even weeks at a time.

Sometimes, people who date long-haul drivers fear that their trucker will also date other people in various towns on their routes.

And we’ve all heard the stories about truck stop prostitution.

For truckers with families, it can be even more difficult.

Even if they want to be there, truckers may miss some important happenings like graduations, or recitals.

It may be hard to make a relationship with a trucker work, but it is definitely possible.

Here are some tips to help you and your trucker find your happily ever after: Maybe you’re a trucker who has a successful relationship for years and want to tell your fellow truckers how you keep the romance.

Another thing that makes being in a relationship with a trucker is that you cannot necessarily schedule events with them.