If a movie or TV show is available form a source other than Amazon, like Hulu or Showtime, the content’s detail page now displays that option upfront instead of burying it in the “More Ways to Watch” button.This change is going to go largely unnoticed, but Amazon should be commended for improving the user experience instead of defaulting to the option that makes them the most money. Windows 8.1 Miracast Display Mirroring Miracast display mirroring is a feature added to the Fire TV Stick in a previous update that allows capable devices to use the Fire TV Stick as a second display.

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Concealed PIN Entry Interface There is a new interface for entering your parental control PIN without revealing it to someone viewing the screen.

The PIN is now entered using the directional button corresponding with the values displayed on the screen, instead of navigating an on-screen keyboard.

Prime Music Playlist Browsing The music section of the Fire TV Stick now allows you to browse through various categories of Prime Music playlists.

Before this update, you had to manually add Prime Music playlists to your library using a computer in order for the playlist to show up on the Fire TV Stick.

These types of connections are called captive portals and are most commonly found in hotels and school campuses.

Previous to this update, the Fire TV Stick was unable to connect to these types of Wi-Fi hotspots due to its lack of a web browser.

This new menu is carried over from the Fire TV’s update which uses this menu to display the new external storage information.

External storage is not supported on the Fire TV Stick.

Prime Music gives Amazon Prime members access to over 1 million songs for free.