Simply run “dracut –force”, and the initrd will be recreated, taking into account any configuration changes made in your /etc filesystem. Your changes are now recognized at system boot time.

Today, we'll show you how you can fix your broken or accidentally deleted Initrd Image ie.

However, be aware of a slightly chance that a needed driver isn't included and your system may fail to boot.

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Linux Kernel Image and GRUB Loader in your Ubuntu installed machine.

It should also work for Ubuntu derivatives as well as other distribution.

However, even though running that command again would show that the theme you picked is now the default, when you reboot you will find that the previous splash is actually still in use.

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For example, you can change the driver policy by setting MODULES=most to MODULES=dep there.

This will cause the system to include only the drivers the system is aware of to need (instead of simply including most of them).

When it comes to specific firmware issues, you may need to , then reinstall it (take note of all package names when uninstalling, to make sure you reinstall everything correctly).

This error is unfortunately common, and the message you’ll see is like: Quite often, running the following command will let the update start again: update has halted, sometimes because something has interfered, but generally when it gives up trying to get the files from the server: While it gives you the answer, you might find yourself in an endless loop of running over and over again.

If it just won’t stop, the last thing you want to do is reboot without having tackled this, so here is a work-around that may help.