You will then have to add the order to your cart and check out.From there, the navigation update will be shipped to your house.First of all, you’ll get better route guidance when you update your maps.

updating navigation in 2016 mercedes-25

From there you can select the type of Mercedes-Benz vehicle that you have, as well as its year.

After that it will take you to a page explaining what you are downloading for your vehicle.

If you have recently purchased a used Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a navigation system, you may have noticed that the maps in that system might be a little out of date.

Lucky for you, if you are going to pay for the navigation service, updating those maps will only take you a couple minutes and you will have all of the latest maps to help you get where you need to go as quickly as possible!

With Christmas time fast approaching, it’s commonly a time when drivers will make plenty of unfamiliar journeys.

For example, you could be off to visit relatives or friends living in a different state.Secondly, updating your navigation will save you time and money.Mercedes-Benz technology finds the fastest route with the most consistent speeds, allowing you to take advantage of your vehicle’s maximum fuel efficiency.You’ll save time and money with better route guidance and get more out of every trip.Additionally, you’ll be able to add stops, take scenic detours, and analyze alternative routes in real time.Furthermore, you’ll have brand new data on speed limits, road signs, and construction.