We not only provide PHP script Installation services also provide CGI Perl scripts Installation with website design customization and Integration services.

updating phpbb2 to phpbb3-88updating phpbb2 to phpbb3-25

Whether you are running a portal or a heavy traffic website, we can handle it and we can even do content development for you.

Frontend: html(5), css(2-3), javascript Backend: PHP, Perl, C , ASP/ASPX Frameworks: Word Press, Joomla, Drupal, Open Cart, Magento, jquery, xml, and hundreds of JS/jquery libraries/plugins Database: My SQL, Postgre SQL, No SQL, MSSQL Any RESTful or SOAP API, Google Maps, You Tube, Authorize.net, Pay Pal, WHMCS, and c Panel.

Remember that help on using php BB is available online via the Documentation and the support forums.

From here, you are able to import data from other (installed) board systems.

Chtěl bych aktualizovat na 3.0.14 nebo je lepší 3.1.6 respektive bude se vyvíjet ještě 3.0.x . Kdybych chtěl aktualizovat na 3.1.6 tak mám nainstalovat nové čisté fórum a přehrát tam a gallery ?

Fungují tyto módy na 3.1.6 nebo tam jsou nějaký doplňky ?

Your website is just like a low-cost, electronic customer service agent who must appear informed and up-to-date so that your customers know last minute information.

We will process and present your data as per your website design requirements and update the content.

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