Before jailbreaking i OS 8.1.1 with Tai G it is recommended to install a clean copy of i OS 8.1.1 using i Tunes.

So in case Futurerestore gets an update in the future, will I be able to downgrade to 12.1 or below, as these versions are most likely to get a jailbreak? but maybe there is another option I don't know about) And also as of my understanding, I will have to update to i OS 12.1.1, as it is the lowest currently signed software right?

I just want to know if there is anything else I can do or if I have maybe overlooked anything.

Connect the device to a computer and restore to i OS 8.1.1.

After jailbreaking with Tai G, tweaks and customizations must be manually reinstalled using Cydia.

Click here for instructions on how to restore purchases from Cydia.

So I got an Apple Watch series 4 for Christmas and in order to use it I need i OS 12 on my phone.

Failing to do so will create such issues on your device.

Any i OS device compatible with i OS 8.1.1 can be updated.

This time, you don’t need to hold down the volume button while jailbreaking.