In her letters Long mentions school-wide traditions, such as Convocation and Mountain Day, but she also mentions class specific traditions.One such activity was “Hazing Day,” a day when the seniors could make the freshmen do whatever the seniors wanted them to do.

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There were rooms within the dorms called “smokers” where students were free to smoke or to use their typewriters late at night.[4] Long was very upset at the end of her sophomore year because Mary Jean decided it was time they experience living with new people.

As a result, in her junior year Long roomed with Joyce Mitchell, the president of the junior class, in Brigham Hall.[5] When Long was a student it was common practice to have senior students act as Hall Presidents, someone underclasswomen could speak to if they had a problem, and when Long was a senior many of her friends were asked to be Hall Presidents.

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When Long first arrived at Mount Holyoke she lived in Lakeside dormitory in a room that was once a guest room and had its own private bathroom.[2] She roomed with Mary Jean Mahler, who would remain her roommate through their sophomore year.

Learn about student life in the Seminary Era and the Turn of the Twentieth Century. [1] Susan Long Quainton Papers, Susan Long to her family, March 4, 1954, MHCASC.

Figure 1: Mary Jean Mahler, Long’s Freshman and Sophomore year roommate, yearbook photo from Llamarada, 1957, MHCASC.

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