She’ll be joining the party and available for purchase when the update drops.Remember, Special Edition skins are only available for a He’s a little guy with a big gun and he’s got presents for everyone!Any accounts that are not logged in to during this update will lose their Friends List so make sure to log in while 4.4 is active!

Demolition Warhawk comes blasting into the fight and is yours for direct purchase at launch. What better way to celebrate the start of Summer Season than an awesome sale on your favorite Summer Party Skins?

These Special Edition skins are not available for purchase so this is a unique opportunity to get one of your very own through some sizzling summer chest sales!

Players can choose to fight by foot with by pistol, rifle, rocket launchers, grenades, mines, and knives, by ground vehicles such as a 4x4 jeep with Turrent that can hold 3 people; at the driver's seat in which the player in it drives the car, at the Turrent in which the player shoots within 180 degrees, and at the seat next to the driver's seat, and a tank, which holds 2 people; the driver that can shoot from the tank, and the person that uses ground weapons on the top hatch.

You can also play by air with the Warhawk (Eucadian) and the Nemesis (Chernovan).

Warhawk for Play Station 3 is a multiplayer-only, intense, 3rd-person land & air combat action game, with a unique combination of combat on foot, in ground vehicles, and soaring overhead in the air.

It is a demonstration of areal and ground warfare and is the spiritual predecessor to Warhawk (1995) for the Play Station.

We have no shame in calling it one of the best multiplayer experience we've ever had, and it would seem we're not alone.

Warhawk is still packed with people that play at all hours of the day or night (thanks no doubt to the game being open worldwide)" The game is a 3-D third-person multiplayer shooter game set in a war between Eucadians (blue) and Chernovans (red), as Chernovans invade Eucadia.

Warhawk takes aim and selects up to three locations before firing a missile to each marked spot, dealing damage on impact and scorching the ground.