While she quickly discovered cracks in his story, she cautions other women against falling for the same.

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Fortunately, if you’re online dating via Tinder or Ok Cupid, there’s typically some pretty clear warning signs that you’re falling for someone who’s not what they seem.

Join us as we uncover some of the biggest signs that you’ve caught a catfish. Their Life Seems Absolutely Perfect (or Perfectly Cursed!

However, if you notice several of them in your relationship or partner, you may need to re-evaluate your dating relationship.

These warning signs include: If you or someone you know is experiencing dating violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

The term catfish was coined by filmmaker and MTV star Nev Schulman for his 2010 documentary film that sparked the hit television series.

Schulman’s website defines the phrase simply as “a person who pretends to be someone they’re not…particularly to pursue deceitful online romances.” Mental health specialists cite a number of motivations for someone to develop a false identity, including low self-esteem, denial of reality, or an unhealthy desire for power over other people.One user of Reddit reported a friend fell into a months-long relationship with someone who immediately called her “beautiful and charming.” Whenever she attempted to verify their identity via Skype or video chat, the catfish would float excuses like “my computer microphone is broken.” If your internet dating interest is more interested in hours-long phone chats and always has one excuse or another about a video call or in-person meeting, it’s a pretty clear red flag. Your Gut Says Something is Off People who get catfished aren’t unintelligent.They’re just like you or me; normal, educated individuals who are hoping to make a lasting connection via online dating.They may claim to have mutual friends in common, or that they discovered you in an unlikely way, such as by discovering your artwork in a gallery.A catfish who contacts you out of nowhere could be an innocent admirer.If your catfish’s life just seems too tragic or impossibly good to be true, your gut instinct may be correct. They’re Really Ridiculously Good Looking Very few catfish steal the photos of someone who is average or below-average in appearance.