(Beware of men who fall in love at first sight and make too many grand gestures).Once she is able to extricate herself from his irrational attentions, she is drawn to an older man who owns a nightclub.

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Renting the apartment downstairs from the Yoons are Kyo In Choi (So Jisub, who as always is a man you can’t take your eyes off) and his hard-working older sister Kyos Sun (Na Woon Kim).

Kyo In is reserved, intelligent, and can be prickly but he has a good heart and kind nature.

Featuring early career performances of two of my favorite South Korean actors – So Jisub and Kwon Sang Woo – the charming K-drama We Are Dating Now (2002) is a delightful change of pace from the more melodramatic series that I generally gravitate toward.

From the first episode, I was hooked on its engaging characters and somewhat whimsical story line as well as its emphasis on ordinary, relatable people and their families.

After the Jae Young debacle (which disappoints Su Ji also, because she was able to vicariously love him too through her friend’s involvement with him), Ho Jung falls for another young man whose feelings for her are suspect.

He is a struggling student, working several jobs to pay for his tuition.

But Jae Young thinks she is too young for him and just sees her as a friend, though he does not exactly discourage her attention either.

Ho Jung is devastated when she learns that he is instead taken with her classmate Cha-hee (Yoon Young Choi), a bold and self assured beauty who could not care less if one more man finds her attractive.

The indignant Ho Jung confronts Cha Hee, impulsively betting her that Jae-young will not want to have anything to do with her if he learns she is only a high school student and not in college like himself.

Cha Hee is confident that Jae Young will still be interested in her no matter what, and she’s right – so she wins the bet with Ho Jung.

The surprising development here is that the encounter between the two girls forges an enduring friendship.