How soon the funds are available to use in your account once you deposit it can also vary per bank from right away to two or more days…

Don't allow the post-date to be too far into the future, and make sure you have handed no keys over until you have money secured.

Yes, but it needs to be in the name of the person on the check and since it is post dated there could be a reason.

Starting 1st May 2025, the check is a valid check and is worth the amount mentioned in it. ( November / December / January / February / and March ) That way the company could cash the checks at the end of each month if I went somewhere warmer for the… Though it is illegal in some states to request someone to write you a (or many) post dated checks to guarantee payment.

The check is not legal tender until the date on the check.

Post date a check means that you write a check on a day and mention the date of a future day in the check.

i.e., let's say I give you a check today 22 January 2011 and write the check date as 15 February 2011. This means that you cannot cash the check until 15th February 2011 and until then the check is of no value. According to Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, No. If you write a post-dated check, under the clearing rules of the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) your check should not be cashed before the date that is written on it. Banks have no responsibility to review the date on a check to determine if it should be deposited, paid, refused or rejected (this is in Rules and Regulations provided when an account is opened); On a stale dated check, if customer doesn't want check paid, they should place stop payment on it. According the the UCC, a bank can refuse a stale dated or posted check. Post dating a check does not mean that it won't be cashed before that date.

So, lets say someone gave you a cheque in March 2011 and you have still not cashed it, it is a stale dated cheque.

Similarly if I give you a cheque with date as 10-May-2012 today (on 14 Jan…

Usually, a person writes a check like that because the money is not in the account yet. Writing a post-date check is perfectly legal anywhere in the world. A check can be submitted for encashing only on or after the date mentioned on the check has reached.

Until the check's date has reached, it is a worthless piece of paper that has no value.

Most banks and check cashing services will not cash "post-dated" checks until the date comes due on the date of the check.