Track your progress within app and find other helpful resources.

Please be sure to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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Lyft and Uber give you the option of picking bigger sized vehicles.

As a wheelchair user, in general your best option would be to choose the XL.

This will also protect the car from scratches that may be caused by your wheelchair. SCI-Ex is now available from Shepherd Center to help promote exercise in people living with a spinal cord injury.

People with a spinal cord injury can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing exercises shown and described in how-to videos.

This may damage either the wheelchair itself or even the cab and equip you with unnecessary expenses. For most people, buying a vehicle is like a rite of passage.

But for the wheelchair user, getting a car that can properly accommodate your wheelchair may seem like dream.

From there, things start looking familiar: Users can specify whether they’re seeking a friendship or romantic relationship, with men or women, and they can search via a handful of discovery settings, including age and disability type.

So far, 35 percent of Glimmer users have said on the site that they do not have a disability, while 65 percent declare that they do.

Users can do these exercises in a gym with the assistance of a trainer or caregiver.