Van Acker has been able to raise massive fan following with his acting credibility and personality.

He has also starred on other famous shows such as, ‘Devious Maids’ and ‘Training Day.’ Van Acker started getting involved in acting career since he was in high School.

He attended Shawnee High School, where he began acting in high school drama classes.

Actually, he's been dating someone for quite awhile now — at least according to Twitter, that is.

Based on many tweets and Instagram photos, Drew Van Acker is dating Markie Adams. Like her man, she, too, is an actress with a pretty awesome name.

Basically, if you're in need of relationship goals, check out these photos of Adams and Van Acker, because they make a super adorable couple, who are clearly in love and have so much fun together.

The current relationship status of Drew Van Acker is not known.

In the series, ‘Pretty Little Liars,' we saw the actor sharing the flirty relationships with several characters including Cece Drake, Ashley Marin, and Aria Montgomery.

However, let us reveal Drew’s actual life is nothing like his character, Jason Di Laurentis but is more adorable and stable. B0eh L6KL Hey guys, been a while, I know!