Raindrops Were Falling on Their Heads Nicki gets the first one-on-one date. Ben is impressed that Nicki is able to go with the flow.They decide to go shopping for some authentic Puerto Rican (and dry) clothes.

Courtney is not a bad person, she’s just self-absorbed.

Perhaps her parents doted on her a little too much, or perhaps it’s from constantly being in the kind of environment where people tell you that you are great all the time for doing nothing more than looking hot and smiling into a camera.

The reason he picks these women who don’t love him is because he truly does not feel worthy of being loved in a healthy way. He is more comfortable with women that don’t really love him because although it’s sad and unhealthy, it’s what feels right to him.

When a nice normal woman like Kacie B expresses her feelings, he is immediately turned off because he thinks, “Why would you love me this much? Why it feels right is another story…but if he doesn’t work on this problem, he’s never going to be in a happy, balanced relationship.

My prediction: I hope I’m wrong, but I think Courtney and Ben are going to ride off into the sunset together after the final rose ceremony.

As I state in my book, using Fear of Loss and Indifference will land you the guy you want, even if you are, as Emily put it, “shallow and vapid.” However, in this case, I will also predict that Courtney and Ben’s engagement will not last and Ben will be 0-2 on the marriage proposals.

A short time later, Ben has some Latin swagger and Nicki is an exotic beauty.

The two tourists take a seat outside a beautiful church where a wedding is taking place. Ben admits that he wants to propose only one more time in his life. Blakeley, Casey S, Courtney, Emily, Jamie, Jennifer, Kacie B, Lindzi, Nicki and Rachel are picked for the group date.

When nighttime rolls around, Nicki opens up more about her thoughts of marriage. They meet up with Ben outside Roberto Clemente Stadium to play in a baseball game.