She is also an author of the Vixen series and a book called The drama filled and media saturated relationship between Lil Wayne, and Adrienne Bosh is quite a story.

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She has opened up since about their relationship and how she wasn’t ready for his wild rockstar style of life.

She also states that the reason they broke up was because she caught him cheating- red handed.

The talented songstress is known mainly for being the younger sister of Beyoncé Knowles and being a part of Destiny’s Child for brief periods of time.

She has also done some acting and animated voice-overs and is very much involved in the feminist movement.

A sad turn of events happened and she miscarried their child- the relationship ended soon after.

The talk on the town back in 2006 was that the famous and gorgeous Solange Knowles and Lil Wayne were getting pretty cozy and close while working on similar projects and hanging out frequently.

Wayne called her out on Twitter after going off about how much he hates Bosh’s team and fellow players.

Wayne was even kicked out of the Heat game by police- yikes!

She is most known for being a dancer and songwriter- she danced for Ne-Yo for a while and wrote songs for him as well as Danity Kane, Melanie Fiona, Jennifer Hudson and Kelis. Virgin Islands and known for being a dancer and video girl.

She and Wayne have kissed on stage while performing which started the rumors of their relationship, but she denies being in a relationship with him. She started off her career by working as an exotic dancer and worked her way up when she moved to Los Angeles and was featured in many music videos by big time rap artists.

She was also a songwriter and actress and has dabbled in modeling as well.