Also in the cast was Peter D'Maio, who was destined to become Rue Mc Clanahan's third husband. With television roles beginning to come, she sent her son home to live with her mother.

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She saw her husband once more, after their son, Mark, was born.

Rue Mc Clanahan found comfort with an old friend, Norman Hartweg, and they married in 1959, only a few months after her divorce had come through.

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One typical joke would have Blanche note that her date, young enough to be her son, "is nearly five years younger than me".

Back would come the quip: "In what, Blanche – dog years?But the actresses swapped roles during the pilot programme, a switch which Rue Mc Clanahan called a "gift from the gods".(Betty White, at 88, is now the only surviving star of The Golden Girls.) Thereafter Rue Mc Clanahan played up her character's libidinous, age-denying nature for all it was worth.She fell out with her fellow performers when they giggled mid-act: "I took drama seriously even then." Aged 15 she went with her family on a week-long holiday to New York City, and was dazzled by the bustling metropolis. I'd always felt that it was pretty dull," she recalled."When we went on a holiday to New York I realised that this was the right world." After graduating from Tulsa University, where she read German and Theatre, she moved to New York in the late 1950s, and, three months after arriving, landed her first small theatre role.Her mother, Dreda Rheua-Nell, ran a beauty parlour.