Another thing we have in common: we all bemoan the lack of genuine men to date in Perth!I blew on my fingernails on my left hand to make sure the nail varnish was dry. You can show me the Transgender dating site you were talking about." "It's called i Date Transsexual," she said. Joining is easy and can be done in a few minutes." "Yes, but look how many profiles of men looking for Trans girls there are," said Celia.Dating a transgender woman is not easy; it is neither for the faint-hearted nor the lecherous.

Fortunately, I was able to get a good job in the technology sector as my parents had made sure that I had studied hard and was well qualified academically.

In Perth, provided you are capable, most employers are not too concerned whether you are gay, straight or Trans.

Without really knowing much about it, have you thought of what are the pros and the cons of dating a ladyboy?

You are sexually and emotionaly attracted to ladyboys, and you would like to turn this fantasy into a reality.

It all just fell into place once I discovered on the internet what being Trans is all about.

Perhaps surprisingly, for Asian parents, my family took it well when I came out as a T-girl to them at 19.Apart from Celia who I mentioned above, in Perth and the surrounds, I know several Ladyboys from Thailand, three or four Waria from Indonesia as well as some Trans girls from China.In fact, we have grown to be a big community and look out for each other whenever we can.Perth is, in fact, in the same time zone as Singapore and only a few hours plus or minus the time in Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia.Secondly, if you are gay or a Transgender woman in most Asian countries (perhaps excluding Thailand) to escape social and, certainly, family pressures and live in Perth is a dream for many.The only guys I seem to meet don't understand Transgender women.