Dating back to the 1830s, it is still made to a secret recipe Like most cities, Worcester has an abundance of eateries, my absolute favourite being which is usually our first choice for special occasions (and even when there is nothing in particular to celebrate)!

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With young children if my own, Sunday afternoon outings would often see us in the city, walking alongside the Severn.

Later I was based in Worcester for work on and off for around 20 years until 2011.

Husband and I choose two each and have a shared patatas bravas (spicy potato).

I went recently with my daughter and the great thing is that, like me, she doesn’t choose meat dishes so there was more sharing.

It was in 1751 that Dr John Wall founded a porcelain factory in the town of Worcester.

This eventually became known as the Royal Worcester Porcelain factory, but it did have a few name changes first.From 1876, the crown slipped down onto the circle itself.At first, the company used the letters of the alphabet to designate the year of manufacture. However, the number of dots became cumbersome when, by 1915, no less than 24 dots, six dots on either side of the crown and 14 dots beneath the words Royal Worcester England, were used.But it wasn’t until 1862, when the company was restructured, that the Royal Worcester marks were first introduced, and they did not become usual until 1867.These early marks incorporated a circle with the 51 in the centre and a crown – either just above the circle or attached to the edge.One of my offices was exactly where a large branch of Waitrose is now sited.