I really can't figure out what you're aiming at with both a Customer collection and a copy of it as context. For now, until you get this worked out, just worry about keeping track of one collection. Why would the Clear() method have a negative impact?

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In the setter you should fire off a Property Changed event to inform the binding subsystem that it should rebind to the property.

This ensures that if you provide a new collection for the Parts property, it will rebind (Observable Collection will handle the rest, like notifying when a part is added or removed from the collection).

When ever up button is pressed I want the selected row in the datagrid to move one step up in the based on the sequence column in the database and for down one step down.. Problem is the changes get shown in the datagrid only when the entire view is refreshed. Only pointers in the code that needs to be emphasized is the Observable Collection Job Entities, Move Up and Move Down commands.

My requirement is when the button is clicked I want the view to be automatically refreshed. View Model.cs: The next part is that an Observable Collection will only notify on changes to the collection itself (add/remove).

This object has a property called Summary Details of type Observable Collection which renders into a List View, line by line.

To do this, I have created a separate property on the View Model called Customer Summary Details which contains simply a get, that returns the collection contained within the customer I mentioned above.

The problem is though that when I update an item within the collection, it is not reflecting on the GUI, despite all the right events being called.

I have stepped in and the set method of the Selected Customer is being called, and I then follow the On Property Changed("Customer Summary Details") call which goes into the "get" method of the Customer Summary Details property as expected.

The Observable Collection is responsible for notifying its own changes, not changes pertaining to its items.

You Should Notify Property Change("Sub Cust Value") in the setter of your Sub Cust Value.

You're window is watching the instance of the view model that you set in your constructor.