His company “Brent Smith Lifestyle” focuses at coaching men how to improve their overall lifestyle with the focus of woman and dating.

It was owned by several entities, from smith brent to Brent Smith, it was hosted by New Dream Network LLC.

While OMNIS NETWORK LLC was its first registrar, now it is moved to Omnis Network LLC.

Brent provides no illusions that it will be any more than a one-night stand.

Girls know that they will be used and discarded and they don't care. I'm willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of the women that Brent sleeps with are in socially monogamous relationships.

Brent is known for being the one who first helped David De Angelo () "see the light", put everything together and taught him many of the concepts within his series of of products and materials.

Brent is a Lifestyle Advisor and offers 1:1 and group couching through Absolute Power Dating.(About Brent by another PUA) Brent is completely different.Brent Smith is among a group of dating coaches inspired by David De Angelo’s dating system where he appeared at David De Angelo’s seminars and interview series.Brent is an American national, born on March 12, 1989.Although the internet is flooded with many types of dating sites, Chinese dating sites are no doubt the most popular.They understand that loneliness is one of the saddest feelings, and never let you feel down and dull.He was mentioned in Richard La Ruina's book as an instructor who Richard trained with prior to starting PUA Training. Brent is another one of the Original Gurus we met back in 2001.