Ans : As it's specially made, anything is fine with me! Q36 : Recently what type of food are you able to overcome? Q37 : No matter how many times you've tried, you still can't eat this?

Q35 : What sort of food will make you feel interested if it's prepared by a girl? Ans : Fried eggs Able to make half-cooked eggs very well.

"French women tend to act in two different ways, they can be rather cold or suspicious, not willing to talk intimately about themselves or they like to make out in front of a restaurant full of people.

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"We agreed to reconnect in 3 weeks hence upon his return from Paris.

On the appointed day and time, I was sitting in my usual spot in the Glacier café at the Place Darcy, happily reading my Herald Tribune, and waited..waited.

For this, I can be proud because not having messy hair in the morning after I get up from bed is a breeze...........

Ans : About 150 times Never actually counted (Laugh) But when I was filming "Ashita no Joe", I had to do that often........... Ans : I'm sure I can do at least 10 times (Laugh).......... Ans : Hair that will not be messy after I've got up from bed.

Ans : Yamazaki Tsutomu My co-actor in "Kurosagi", Yamazaki Tsutomu.

Ans : My own home When I'm tired, the place that I'm able to relax most is my own home. Compared to day time, I'm more of a night owl!

Ans : Maybe I'll be staying at home as usual (Laugh).......... Ans : Mobile phone If there's no mobile phone, I think it should be ok.

Q43 : If the earth is going to be destroyed tomorrow?

Many readers said that one of the hardest things about having a French lover is that they an be brutally honest when it comes to expressing opinions about the clothes, personality traits and appearance of the person they're with.

Another reader said: "They often have opinions (and voice them) about your outfits or specific articles of clothing.

(Referring to Q13)Ans : Surfing online while listening o music.......... Ans : Night No particular reason but because there's more free time at night.