As the episode ends with Carmen taking them to their new family, Will tells Sasha that they will try to get them back.

Note: This episode is Brianne Gould's final appearance as Brianna Ortiz.

Will and Sasha try to find a way to get Brianna and Joaquin back before the Turners adopt them.

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Their faculty advisor, Russell Merriweather, makes the boys work for Brown to make up for their prank, and everyone in the house runs them ragged.

Also: Russell asks Cora out, but the date backfires when Edna and London convince Cora to dress too sexily--Russell liked the real, down-to-earth Cora just fine. Cora and Russell have gone on several more dates and she's smitten with him.

Meanwhile, Brown and London compete in a "fashion showdown" for a NY designer.

Absent: Antonio Jaramillo, Gunnar Washington, and Logan Browning Tanya, Brianna and Joaquin's mother, returns from jail.

Will and Carmen aren’t successful, but Sasha finally uncovers Brianna’s secret: she was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend.

Meanwhile, 2 geeky frat boys from the house next door (they couldn't get into a real frat house) steal Pop Brown's portrait from Brown Meadows as a prank.Brown also thinks the frat boys next door are growing marijuana and leaps into action.Note: Logan Browning joins the main cast as Brianna, replacing Brianne Gould.She's frustrated with her marriage and decides to find her wild side.Cora tries to rein her in and help her save her marriage.Special Guest Star: Gary Sturgis as Teddy Absent: Juanita Jennings, Brianne Gould, and Gunnar Washington Brown enters a Gospel Choir contest which he’s lost 6 straight years to the flamboyant Deacon C.